Agglomeration or Granulation of powders delivers many functional, commercial, Health and Safety benefits.

Functional Benefits

  • Agglomerated powders are free flowing, less susceptible to lumps, forming bridges in process and are less hygroscopic.
  • Wet-ability and instant characteristics are greatly improved as is dispersibility in liquids.
  • Agglomerates are easier to dose accurately having consistent particle size distributions.
  • Consistent particle size delivers improved homogeneity with little or no segregation of minor components

Commercial Benefits

  • Accurate dosing of homogeneous powders delivers end product consistency and reduced waste.
  • Improved dispersion can speed up production processes.
  • Agglomerates can reduce the need for expenditure on specialised mixing equipment.
  • Less dust results in less waste and less time on cleaning plant after use.

Health and Safety Benefits

  • Less dust leads to cleaner factory environments.
  • Dust control reduces the risk to employees through accidental slipping, inhalation and skin/eye irritation.
  • Agglomerated powders are more likely to conform to the latest dust control regulation.
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